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(Jan 02, 2016)
swiggity swooty
(Oct 11, 2015)
I've been logging in a bit more frequently. Usually once a day.
(Oct 10, 2015)
I'm on mostly every day
(Oct 08, 2015)
I haven't seen anyone on in like two weeks.
(Oct 05, 2015)
I miss you all too. :c Everyone's schedule's been really messed up lately. I hope we can all get back on track soon, though. <3
(Oct 04, 2015)
Hey, just wanted to say I miss you all. I haven't seen a lot of you lately and it's been very quiet.. most of the time I see it's just me online and a lot of events are going unnoticed on the calendar. But I'll wait for you..
(Oct 01, 2015)
I'm not sure.
(Sep 28, 2015)
Where the heck is everyone lately?
(Sep 13, 2015)
Post concerning MIA site registration listed. Very Important. Deadline 9/18.
(Aug 31, 2015)
Deleted my Homework thread since no one participated.
(Aug 25, 2015)
I ate the thing, the thing with the stuff.
(Aug 22, 2015)
Yeah, just from that, I can see you all are great! Can't wait to do more things with you all! :)
(Aug 20, 2015)
Great event last evening! Hope everyone had fun!
(Aug 10, 2015)
Great event last night guys. #GoldenLaw4Lyfe
(Aug 09, 2015)
Long live the Order!
(Aug 08, 2015)
Be active!
(Aug 08, 2015)
Won't be around much tonight. D&D every other Saturday.
(Aug 07, 2015)
Sorry Melony, I passed out entirely too early. :'(
(Aug 07, 2015)
No one showed up for my event last night except one person. ._.
(Aug 05, 2015)
I am the best Worgen